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How we helps the companies & individuals?


N-Box Shipping Pte. Ltd. are the specialists in exporting and importing goods transporting services with our LCL consolidation services in Singapore. We are the main LCL consolidation organization serving worldwide across the main ports.


Managing such a vast and complex international transport chain also requires logistics professionals apart from the technology. We at N-Box provide prime logistics solutions to our customers.

  • Cost Cut
  • Decrease Chance of Damages
  • Speed to Market
  • Worldwide Export and Import
  • Shipment Hub for Transportation

Why choose us?

Superlative LCL Consolidation services in Singapore.


We are specialists in managing the shipment process from carrying to delivering at the desired location on time. With our large and broader community of agents, it becomes clean to transpose the goods pick and transport all over the countries. We have our important ports connecting one to each place of the world. Consolidation strategy helps to deliver the goods on time to the exact location for easy traveling of goods. With our LCL consolidation services, make the goods brought in less time with networks of our great workers.


How does our LCL Works?

LCL shipment means a shipment of “less than container loads”


Want to ship goods but don’t have sufficient goods to fill the full ocean containers? Somehow there are times when there are not enough goods to ship according to the shipping rates provided, so here functions LCL which helps in shipping of goods by combining them into a group with the other goods to fill the containers and ship them on the same routes. The LCL goods are picked from various shippers and are packed into containers and shipped to other countries.


Those individuals or companies who do not have many goods to transport can have benefited from this LCL shipment. You can give the goods to the N-Box Shipping (LCL consolidator) who exports the goods on time. The individual or company can ship any type of goods in a combined form in case of less shipment for goods. All the rates are reasonable compared to other shipments as they take full charges whether the goods are more or less and have to wait for the fulfillment of the containers for transportation.


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