Warehousing Services in Singapore


Warehousing & Chemical Cargo Handling

How do we do the warehousing?


Due to the demand fluctuations of the goods, the warehouse would be best to use. At N-Box Shipping Pte. Ltd., we provide the warehouse facility to our customers to store goods. We supports all type of individuals and organizations includes e-commerce and retails services with exceptional technology. We are flourishing multiple businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups with our warehouse facility.

If you are a distributor then you might require cold storage places, or refrigerated warehouses, or large area warehouses. We have got the solutions for the on-site warehouse storage facility also. Call us today and get your goods stored properly at the place of your choice.

  • Essential administration system
  • Reasonable and swift shipping
  • Structured wrapping system
  • Curtailing the human fault
  • Committed warehousing
  • Escalating arena

Warehousing for Chemical Cargo Handling

How is the chemical cargo accomplished?


Transportation of chemical goods can be very perilous and needs full safety for the environment and public. Our shipping refers to the storing of chemicals merchandise also called liquid resources and securely and supplied when it’s needed. We keep the total bundle of wares together and supply them immediately to the desired location.


Sometimes the individuals or companies are not able to have their warehouses so they go with us for these services for storing supplies. Individuals or Companies give their goods to us – the consolidators who carry them to the particular location of our areas and then are packed carefully to be transferred.


What are the benefits of using our facilities?

Numerous facilities for cargos shipments


Our services are the must-go option for cargo as there are skilled professionals for packaging and managing the products. There are varieties of shipments provided by us to the companies according to merchandise. It is a big responsibility for us to prevent any leakage while transporting wares.

Some of the types of amenities served by us are:

Combined warehousing:

It is a type of facility for stock supplies used by more than one organization for the same distribution solutions and resources. When there are the same in merchandise and the same routes for shipping them then this type of service is preferred for saving money.

Committed Warehousing:

This service in Singapore is based on the contract of shipping for a single company only. All the large supplies of goods are done with high-quality automation with all labor.

Why do we assist cargo on large scale?

Cost-efficient warehouse services


Cargo which can be flammable, corrosive, and toxic is very dangerous to ship directly to another area so renting a warehouse is very important. It makes sure to accurately pack the merchandise with the machines present at the place. Our experts keep an eye all the time from packaging to shipping of the particular products. All the rents of repositories for supplies are genuine. Shipping is done on time with no tension. All types of transporting vehicles are present for every type of route. Going with the N-Box shipping warehouse services is a relevant choice as they are cost-efficient also. All experts work in the place and shipment is done on time.

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